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Oct 1, 2012

Today's podcast addresses a question from a listener who wanted to know how to begin the sales process when they had very little in terms of case studies, or customer experience. In his case, it was a start-up company in the IT space.

Bill and Bryan dished out some tips to use in beginning to position him in the market. The fact is that, in some ways, this is an excellent position to be in. The ability to create a position from scratch can be quite powerful.

However, if you already have a customer base and are a seasoned pro, there are still some ideas in this podcast that will help you re-think your position.

The fact is that even if we've been around for a while, there is always something new we're wanting to do - new products - innovative services - new ways to think about old problems. Consequently, "thinking like a beginner" is something we should do frequently.

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