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Aug 30, 2010

In this episode, Bryan interviews his favorite salesperson and favorite guest of all time and learns her secrets and insights into high-performance selling.

Aug 23, 2010

I’m sure there’s a name for this condition…but we’re wondering sometimes how disconnected salespeople are from the reality of the sales process—and the prospect. To us, there is a massive disconnect that begins almost immediately between salesperson and prospect. And to not address it is to abdicate...

Aug 16, 2010

It seems that we all know “stuff.” Some of that stuff is useless and some is profoundly valuable. Recently, Bryan met an ex-NFL Offensive Coordinator who wants to publish a book called “S*** I Know That Works.” Bryan and Bill address “S*** They Know Works In The Pursuit Of A Sale.”

Aug 2, 2010

One area of new business that we salespeople often forget is our current client base. We seem to enjoy “the hunt” so much that we forget to farm our current base for new opportunities to solve problems. In this episode, Bill and Bryan discuss what holds us back from this…and some ideas on how you [...]