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May 31, 2010

Not all prospects in your sales funnel should be treated equally. But before you ‘mistreat’ them, listen to this episode as Bryan and Bill discuss the skill of “prospect discernment.”

May 24, 2010

Most people think they can work on their “value proposition” one time and recite to prospects forever. In this episode, Bill and Bryan shed some new light on how to modify your ‘value’ approach to take into account market conditions, trends and economic pains. The bottom line is that you may need to constantly...

May 17, 2010

We all want to be positioned as valuable—yet how many of us really take time to “execute” that position? And we all “say” we want to speak directly to people’s pains and frustrations, yet who among us has done what Bill and Bryan are recommending in this week’s episode? (Probably not many.) But try for [...]

May 10, 2010

What can we learn from sales people who are new to the profession…or from one who wants to reset his career? Simple. We can reach back into our experience as trainers of sales teams and review what the “habits” are of those high achievers. In this podcast, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale discuss some of...

May 3, 2010

Every business on the planet has something in common with others. And in this podcast, you’ll hear what it is…and how to think about it in a way that allows you—the sales professional—to solve it. It has to do with how your prospects think about you and your solution.