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Oct 31, 2011

The new frontier of a modern sales person is in how you're positioned in the client's mind. In this episode, Bill and Bryan reveal a real-life story of a listener who has taken this "expert positioning" seriously and expanded his position with a client. You'll hear how a pharmaceutical sales rep worked with a client [...]

Oct 24, 2011

Yes, this is more on this very important strategy that we've been receiving tons of email about. We introduced this a few months ago and we'll be doing more on this. One of the most important strategies you can implement in selling is an "educational strategy." But, in order to do that you must be [...]

Oct 17, 2011

The mailbag question from a pharma-rep listener leads to a deeper discussion about the role a sales person should play in the sales cycle. It begins with a question on how you continue to bring value to your customers. Bill and Bryan go deep with this one, not only answering the question for our listener, [...]

Oct 10, 2011

Most salespeople realize they must ask questions in order to find information.  The challenge though is that when they do, the prospect or client feels interrogated or impelled to give an answer even if it's not truthful. Bill and Bryan discuss a helpful tip from Seth Godin's Blog, "No business buys a solution for a...

Oct 3, 2011

Many times, we see sales people under-prepare for big calls. Or, they prepare the wrong way, focusing on products and their advantages instead of what we believe they SHOULD be focused on. In this episode, Bill and Bryan break down the 'high pressure' sales call and give you a template to consider using as you [...]