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Jul 27, 2020

On this week's episode, Bill and Bryan share how they approach potential clients when there is a deal on the table.

This includes the observations they make, the culture, perception and what they look for to help companies and individuals get the most bang for their dollars of training or coaching.

If you're interested...

Jul 20, 2020

Am I cut out for sales is actually a very good question. In this episode, Bill and Bryan address some questions that are arising from some of their coaching clients in our post-COVID world.

The way selling has been done and will be done in the future will change, but change to what? And we all want to be successful in...

Jul 13, 2020

In this episode, Bill and Bryan Neale cite an idea from a book by Steven Pressfield, "No One Wants to Read Your Sh*t." He talks about the idea of a concept as being crucial in communicating your value.

The guys actually talk about the concept of the Advanced Selling Podcast and dig deep to try to find a thread that...

Jul 6, 2020

As we start to re-open post-covid, are you still trying to use the same old message? 

On this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan give you some ways that you can start to craft your post-covid sales story. 

We'll be diving deeper into this topic on July's Insider call. If you haven't joined The ASP...