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Jun 27, 2011

Our guest this week is Pat Williams, VP Orlando Magic. Pat shares with you some of the lessons he learned while writing his latest book called Coach Wooden: 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours. Pat has written 70 books on leadership, sales, success and philosophy, and it’s our opinion that his [...]

Jun 20, 2011

We got a question from our ever-present mail bag about inside sales and what techniques to use as you respond. It could be an inbound lead, a lead from a trade show, or maybe from your website. Regardless, there are right ways and wrong ways to follow up. In this episode, Bill and Bryan address [...]

Jun 13, 2011

Think about your first years in sales - or in business. And think of how many lessons you learned over those first few years. Many of those lessons were intrinsic, meaning you didn't sit down with a teacher to learn them, Instead it was by "osmosis." You just picked them up from the culture you [...]

Jun 6, 2011

"Building Context" might be one of the least understood and underused concepts we teach in our sales training work with companies. If you want to create an atmosphere for the truth, then you MUST build context with your prospect. Bill and Bryan give you some examples of when we can all blow it-and what to [...]