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Dec 17, 2009

Everyone always wants to know the words to use to close business. Well, in this episode, Bill Caskey dips into the words of the new sales mind. This is a live presentation made to a group of sales professionals in which Bill outlines the “words” of the modern salesperson. Check these out to see how many of these...

Dec 10, 2009

Well, this year certainly went fast---like a bullet! So, what do we always do at this time? Set goals for next year. Bryan and Bill walk through a goal-setting formula they use with their clients this time of year.  It has to do with Outcomes and Inputs.  The essence of this is that you can’t set a goal around...

Dec 3, 2009

We get many questions from listeners about how to handle price objections when your product sells at a significant premium.

One of Bill’s clients had exactly such a situation—a 50% premium. Listen in on the coaching that Bill gave – with Bryan’s comments, of course—to advance the deal.