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Feb 27, 2012

Bill and Bryan address an email question they received from a listener who is being asked by his manager to keep contacting people even though they said, "No" the first time. What do you do? Which brings up an even bigger question: How to follow up with people without being a pest? Bill and Bryan [...]

Feb 20, 2012

As you look at your opportunities, it's our guess that over one half of them have problems. No, not problems with the prospects themselves. But problems with the process you've taken them through. In this episode, Bryan and Bill break down one of the most frequent problems we see when we coach sales people: the [...]

Feb 13, 2012

Sales people work too hard. They do so in the name of 'aggressiveness'. We're all proud of our TYPE A behavior. But, wait a minute...why do we insist on working too hard when there is a huge potential right in front of us and we fail to see it? In this podcast episode, Bill and [...]

Feb 6, 2012

A podcast listener asked us to take her through the best sales process-the one we suggest you use. There are tons of sales processes and methods in the world but, we like to keep things simple so we give you what we recommend to our clients. Much of what you hear here can be found [...]