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Apr 26, 2010

Why do so many people turn their noses up at “account management’? Is it just not sexy enough? Does it just not require the testosterone that we sales types are addicted to? Whatever it is, we miss a ton of business by not focusing on our current clients. In this episode, Bill and Bryan not [...]

Apr 19, 2010

This cast takes a question from a listener and expands it to “a marketing tool kit for sales people.” You cannot rely on your marketing department to be the sole lead generator so you must know how to do that, too. Unfortunately, it’s our experience most sales people aren’t of the “marketing mindset.” So we...

Apr 1, 2010

No one would ever admit that they did anything to stop a buyer from buying from them. Yet, salespeople do it all the time. We like to say there are things you do to “propel” the sale. And things you do to “repel” the sale. In this podcast, Bill addresses the very things most salespeople [...]