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Mar 25, 2013

We have a LinkedIn group member guest this week, Ali El Jishi from Bahrain. He is in the IT Placement business and he asks a question that is familiar to us: How do you handle it when a new buyer suddenly has it out for you? In Ali's description of the circumstance, a few things come out that he should have done -...

Mar 18, 2013

Is that really possible? Think 'negatively'? Yep, that's what we're saying.

In this episode, we share a module that Bryan recently taught at a client where they prepared for the 'worst case scenario' in the sales process.  Scenarios such as:
*How to handle a deal that has become stuck or stalled
*How to handle price...

Mar 11, 2013

In our podcasts, we've talked at length about The Inner Game and how vital it is for you to get your "mind right" if you are to excel in your profession. We talk about it in the context of how you talk to customers, how you talk economics and the types of questions you ask.

In this episode, Bill interviews Josh...

Mar 4, 2013

We're forever talking about how to motivate your prospect - to buy - to change - to do what you think they should do. But, what about YOUR motivation? That's important, too. In this episode, Bill and Bryan address some ways you can inspire yourself when you hit the skids.

Plus, Brooke Green joins us and answers a