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Jul 29, 2010

A week ago Bill received a phone call from one of his clients.  The client was frustrated with a speech that he was planning to present the next day to a group of decision makers.  Bill's client ask him, "How can I make my presentation stand out?" Bill answers his client's question in this vignette [...]

Jul 26, 2010

We ask the question because it’s one of many we’re getting more often from sales managers/VPs. What should my sales team be good at? What should their behavior be? What is a good ‘sales personality’? In this podcast, Bill answers some of those questions by referring to the Hogan Assessment, a personality...

Jul 19, 2010

Bill Caskey goes solo on this episode and discusses what it means to be a ‘trusted advisor.’ There’s a lot of talk in the market among salespeople and sales managers about being said advisor. But Bill finds that most of it is just talk. He gives you 5 considerations to become that trusted advisor for [...]

Jul 12, 2010

Virtually every company we know of generates a large percentage of their business from referrals, yet VERY FEW sales professionals have a system to generate those referrals. To get help on this topic, we went to the world’s leading guru on referrals, John Jantsch. John recently wrote a book called The Referral...

Jul 5, 2010

Bill and Bryan are forever getting calls from both managers who are in hiring mode…and salespeople who are in I-need-a-job-mode. They both make mistakes in the process. In this episode Bill and Bryan share some ideas on how both parties can become more effective in their quest to hire—and get hired.