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Sep 24, 2012

Bill and Bryan each had client experiences recently where their clients were being driven by their "bid boards." They talk about the hazards of poor business development technique. And, of course, they give you some new things to think about as you improve your business development skills. Those skills are vital for...

Sep 17, 2012

Well, you probably know us by now and know that isn't our strategy. But the fact is that we get questions from listeners that often sound like that. This week, Bryan is off in his world of Big Ten Football Officiating…and Jill steps in (admirably, we might add) and poses some questions to Bill that come from...

Sep 12, 2012

Little did Bryan Neale know, we were still recording the podcast.  Listen as he gets carried away with a movie quote. Can you name that movie?

Sep 10, 2012

In this episode, Brooke Green joins Bill and Bryan to address the issue of how to sell if you’re an ‘accidental salesperson.’ Brooke works with quite a few companies and people, who don’t consider themselves salespeople, yet who are still responsible for new business development.

This includes accountants,...

Sep 6, 2012

We've all received it - that email that comes, ominously, from someone you hoped to work with. It's the email that says, "Thanks, but no thanks." And it's like a punch to the gut.

Well, that all may be overly dramatic, but the fact is that we all have received the 'ding letter' whether it's an actual letter or not.