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Dec 21, 2010

There is an entire art to "call management" which is the study of how a sales call works, how it flows, how it ends...and what you can to do get the optimum outcome. In this episode, Bill and Bryan address "call management" and how you can start the call in the optimum way.

Dec 13, 2010

No one would ever admit that they're an "old school salesperson." It brings so much negative to mind. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some basics that you need to pay attention to. In this episode, Bill and Bryan each discuss a story of how they were approached by an OSS (old school seller) and what happened....

Dec 6, 2010

Bill and Bryan address the biggest problem they get asked about from all the listener emails they get.  They each took a current client they're working with and outlined a struggle they had with this exact issue--stalled deals--and worked thru it so listeners can learn what to do.

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