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Jun 25, 2009

In this episode, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale address a question from an audience member on how to prospect when you're already busy. And Bryan reveals a communication technique that helps as you're explaining to a prospect what you do.

Jun 11, 2009

In this week’s podcast, Bill is going “solo” and talks about the first call “protocol.” We’ve received a lot of mail recently on “filling the sales funnel,” but the first discussion you have with a prospect is still vital. You have to set the tone in the right way. And to do that, you MUST have the right...

Jun 4, 2009

Sometimes we just need to have bold, bad sales moves. In this podcast, Bill and Bryan talk about two bold moves you can make as you pursue the sale.These moves are not intended to get someone to buy—that’s not cool. They ARE intended to move the sale along—or move it out.