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Sep 13, 2011

Bill flies solo today (Bryan back next week) and begins a mini-series on what it takes to form a good relationship with your prospect or client. 
Sales people talk often about 'relationships' but it usually means, "Do I know them well enough that they will buy from me?"
This series focuses on the rules of a good relationship so you can see if you are really building them or just paying lip service to them.
Bill also cites a testimonial from a Canadian listener who used a very simple lesson she learned on the podcast to grow her business. 

You’ve just written an email to a prospect who’s not calling you back. 
You get ready to hit SEND…but as you read it again, you realize it just doesn’t quite capture your thoughts. Here’s our advice: STOP – Don’t SEND! Instead, read EMAIL IT!, 
The Seller’s Guide to Emails That Work. (