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Feb 8, 2007

This episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast is the second in a series that began last week. In this episode Bill and Bryan discuss your “comfort zone.” We all are very aware of what is inside and outside of our comfort zones. Bill and Bryan want you to step just a little bit outside of that comfort zone; to what they call, “the warning zone”. In the "warning zone" your mind is telling you that you are somewhat uncomfortable in the situation you're in. One of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone is to talk about money right off the bat. Get your price on the table so that during the first meeting you will know if there is any reason to proceed after this call. The lesson here is: stop wasting time trying to sell them something that they can’t afford--or don't want to afford. After that, you can slowly build more confidence doing other things outside of your comfort zone, thereby creating a larger comfort zone, which will enable you to achieve more during a sales call.