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Oct 6, 2014

Everyone’s gut starts churning when word comes out that we’re having a “pipeline meeting.” In this episode, Bill & Bryan role-play what that sales meeting sounds like when you have to review your pipeline with your manager. And what the manager hears when you speak. Sometimes, it ain’t pretty :)
Seriously, forecasting/pipeline review is important. But are we doing it in the right way? Moreover, are we ‘thinking' about it in the right way? The hosts say, “NO!”
This is the first of a two part series on this topic. 
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John O'Neill
eight and a half years ago

Spot on, men. After having carried a bag for 30 years, I figured I had 1,500+ forecast meetings / cadence calls / plan and reviews / grinds - call them what you want. The best and quickest ones were the ones where you had your dates, $ amounts, contacts, competitive status, proposal status and next steps outlined and were clear about where you stood. Also, make sure it's all in your CRM system.