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Apr 4, 2016

How do you avoid the awkwardness of a lopsided meeting?  We’ve all been there— you and three people from your team show up to meet with one buyer. The vibe at the table feels clunky and unbalanced.

In today's episode, veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale help you structure a successful “three-headed meeting.”  

What roles do you, the VP of Sales and anyone else play to help the meeting go smoothly?  

How do you avoid losing control of your own sales call to technical jargon or poorly-timed data?  

In this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan will teach you how to maintain your status as the ringleader. You’ll learn language to help everyone at the table know and communicate their role. Best of all, they will share best practices around using technicians in your sales call to your advantage. Don’t lose control of your meeting— this episode can help.


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